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Meet Susan & Stewart

Monkey greeting daddy
​​Dear Expectant Mother,     
​Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are  Stewart and Susan from Virginia and we cannot wait to be parents. We know that this is a difficult decision for you and you are probably filled with emotions. Please feel secure in knowing that we are a kind, nurturing couple, who would give your baby unconditional love, stability and lots of laughter. Our professions, as a Counselor and Veterinary Technician, are fulfilling, but we are ready to share our lives with a baby and take our love to the next level. Stewart and I, along with our entire extended family, will ensure that your baby will have the best possible future ~ filled with happiness, encouragement and support. We are hoping to adopt a baby girl to complete our family.
Best wishes for whatever you decide. Call or text Susan anytime (202)642-3995 or                                         
~Susan and Stewart
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